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The Armenian School ensures the preservation of the Armenian nationflag_ar


Every year in October the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the holiday of the Holy Translators. On this day, the Armenian Church remembers and honors all the clergies who were involved in the translation of the Holy Bible and other authors who are considered the pillars of Armenian literature. These great leaders are remembered and honored throughout the centuries for the tremendous work they have done and for the literary treasures that they have left to the Armenian Church and nation. These saints are: Mesrob Mashdots, Yeghisheh, Movses Khorenatsi, Unconquerable David the philosopher, Gregory Naregatsi, and Nercess Glayetsi “the graceful.”


In 405 AD shortly after the Armenian nation accepted Christianity, Saint Mesrob Mashdots, an Armenian priest, created the Armenian alphabet. Later, he and his students built schools where they taught the Armenian language; they translated the Holy Bible and numerous theological and philosophical literary works into Armenian. Their work enriched not only Armenian literature and society, but also it was a great contribution to international literature.



Our forefathers recognized that having an alphabet and a literature are fundamental to the survival of a nation. Indeed, throughout the centuries, the Armenian nation valued the importance of the Armenian school and its role in preserving the Armenian nation. Therefore, the Armenian Church honored these clergy and scholars, giving them the title of sainthood.


In the twentieth century, after the Armenian genocide, scattered Armenians in the diaspora built churches and schools around the world to keep their national identity alive. Today, it is hard to find an Armenian community without a church or school. It is not surprising that the Armenian Community of Oregon also started an Armenian Language School soon after its formation. The Armenian School nourished multiple Armenian children and teenagers; all graduated students from this school speak and write Armenian fluently.


Currently, the Armenian Sunday School is under the umbrella of St. Kevork Church. The students learn Armenian Language, literature and history. After school, our children also participate in the Badarak service at the church and they become empowered with their cultural, national and religious identity.


We invite all Armenian children who are not attending the Armenian Sunday School to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn their native language, to become involved in our community and to enjoy the authenticity of our unique Armenian culture.

This week, while we are celebrating the holiday of the Armenian translators, we ask our holy saints to pray for us and for our children.  We bless our students and volunteer teachers, and we pray that the number of our students will multiply. Amen.


Father Yeremia Khachatryan

Armenian St. Kevork Church of Portland




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