Saint Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church of Oregon

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Membership and Steward Dues

We thank the community for it's past dedication and commitment.  Your support enables us to continue to perpetuate the Armenian Christian faith and heritage.


If you have not yet sent in your yearly membership dues of $50.00 per family, please do so.  We welcome you to connect to the church.  Please remember that the church needs your membership and involvement as much as you need to have the church be an important part in your and your children’s lives.


Who are stewards of the church? Who are members?

Stewards are members who contribute to the church over and beyond the standard membership dues of $50.00 per family.  Members are those who pay the standard membership dues of $50.00 per year.  Both stewards and members are considered part of the Stewardship Program.

Why become a steward or member? 

Because you recognize the role the church plays in your life and you want to support its mission.  As a steward or a member, you have the privilege of participating in the decision-making process by attending and voting at the church’s Annual Parish Assembly and maintaining a growing and  thriving relationship with our Diocese.

Please click here to open the attached membership card which you can fill out and send with your payment.



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