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This page contains some of our past articles from our website:

Installation of the Khatchkar

During the months of March and April the Courtyard of St. Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church was renovated; devoted volunteer members of the church removed the lawn and covered the courtyard with stone blocks under the leadership of Aram Agvinyan and Gnun Ovsepyan.  They also set up a stone cross (khatchgar) that came from Armenia donated by Mher Sharyan and a small replica model of the Armenian genocide memorial  monument (Tsitsernakaberd) donated by Greg Goekjian on the occasion of centennial commemoration of the Armenian genocide.


Our thanks and blessings to the benefactors, their families and to the builders.


Centennial of the Armenian Genocide


Current Sermon

The Holiday of St. George, the General

On Saturday, September 27, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the holiday of St. George, who is one of the greatest and most popular saints of Christianity.

The Armenian Apostolic Church, like all the other traditional churches, has designated special holidays to commemorate and honor Christian saints. Some of these saints are clergymen, some are secular people, and others are military people. Saints are people who led honest, upright, virtuous, obedient and godly lives. Some of them were persecuted, tortured and even martyred for the sake of Christ. According to the theology of the Armenian Apostolic Church, saints reside in heaven, plead the Holy Trinity on our behalf, and pray for us before God.

In our church, believers love some saints so much that they go far beyond remembering them: they celebrate these holidays by conducting various pilgrimages, feasts and festivities. The Armenian people have named chapels, monuments, monasteries and churches by the names of these saints to honor them. Also, there are many traditions and legends about these saints that are passed on throughout the centuries.

St. George, who was a general in the Roman army, is one of the saints whom the Armenian people love and honor. According to the tradition, St. George was born sometime at the end of the third century. He became a very competent, brave and famous general who was honored with various ranks and titles in the military of the Roman Empire.


April 24th Gallery

The Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in Portland

On April 24, The Armenian Apostolic church of Portland commemorated the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Many Armenians from Portland and the neighboring cities attended this special event.

               The speaker of the day, Aram Mahshigian, presented the history of the town of Kessab in Syria and the current situation of the Armenians who fled from Kessab; he also reflected upon the violent events and human suffering that are taking place in Syria.

               The history of the Armenian people during the last 100 years, starting from the Genocide to present day, was presented through a special cultural presentation prepared by adult members of the Armenian community; students from the Armenian Sunday School of Portland also participated in this presentation with songs and poems.


Holy Great Lent Week at St. Kevork Church of Portland

The Great Holy Lent week was observed in Portland at St. Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church of Portland.

On March 20th, on Palm Sunday, father Yeremia Khachatryan conducted a “Badarak” service. After the Mass, blessed palm branches were distributed to the believers.


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